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Garage Door FAQ

If you have queries about our garage door services, you can start by browsing through our FAQs. We’ve made an effort to list and answer all frequently asked questions. Though if you don’t see an answer to your question here then feel free to call or email us at any time.

One of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners who are in the market for an electronic garage door is how much horsepower is needed. Many are confused because there are many different garage door opener types, some of which are labeled as “heavy-duty”.

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Many people use their garage doors multiple times a day, and several hundred times a month and yet fail to notice that it is one of the hardest working machines in their homes. However, it is an honest mistake because garage doors are built to be robust.

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Many people have no idea why their garage door refuses to open one day. Some people tell us that the garage door was working fine in the morning when they left, but now that they have returned from work, it will not open. Fortunately, the problem isn’t difficult to fix once you identify what’s wrong. So, that’s exactly what we’ll attempt to explain in this article.

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Yes, it is very dangerous, attempting to replace the garage door spring on your own. Not only is the spring under a tremendous amount of load owing to the several hundred-pound garage door, but it could snap at any moment and hit the person attempting to repair it. The consequences of being hit by a garage door are dire, and so replacing the spring shouldn’t be attempted by DIY homeowners.

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Many people have experienced the frustration of their garage door spring breaking when they least expect it. For some, it can be when they pull into the garage after a hard day at work and find out that the spring just snapped with a loud thud.

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Start by checking the blinking red light on the wall. It indicates if someone may have locked it by pushing the button. To fix this issue just press and hold the lock button for around 5 seconds. If the wall button does not have a lock feature, then the red light means that your remote requires reprogramming. Now if that does not work then call Elite Garage and Gate today.

Garage Door Remote - Elite Garage Door

The process varies depending on the brand of the garage door opener. We have put together a brief list of brands below:

Genie: It has a small “learn” button over on the front of the opener. Just push it, and blinking red light will turn on. Then push the button you want to program, and the light will stop blinking. Push it again, and it will go off. When pushed again the garage door will move.

Lift Master: It has a “learn” button towards the back of the opener. You push that button and then the button on the remote you want to program. A slight click can be heard, and the light bulb in the opener will flash.

Marantec: You need to connect both remotes with a programming connector. Then push and hold the button on the remote which has been coded first. Continue to keep the button down till the process concludes. You will also need to keep the desired button you want to be programmed on the other remote till the light stops flashing. When the light stops flashing the remote is programmed.

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It does! Like all mechanical items, it has to be inspected and maintained. Make sure to follow the maintenance recommendations in your garage door’s user manual. Contact us to schedule an inspection and maintenance.

Garage Door Maintenance Service - Elite Garage Door

Start by verifying if the opener is correctly plugged into the electrical outlet. Also, make sure that there is power in the outlet by plugging in some other tool or gadget. If the outlet is fine, then it is an electrical or mechanical problem for which you’ll need to call us to diagnose and fix the issue

We surely can by adjusting the opener so that it exerts more force on the door. The more force we set, the quicker it will open. However, we first need to check if your door is balanced correctly and test the reverse system both pre and post adjustment of the garage door opener.

We can by using the best, state of the art quiet ball-bearing rollers. Contact us for details.

Yes! We have service on Sunday’s.

All the work we do is backed by a 2 year warranty which covers both parts and labor.

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