How To Make Your Garage Energy Efficient?

How To Make Your Garage Energy Efficient?

Whenever the winter season approaches, the need to insulate your house without emptying your wallet becomes a struggle. One has to be very careful about the steps one takes, as this is a matter of keeping one’s home warm throughout the chilly weather.

When you’re looking to improve energy efficiency, you should pay attention to the Insulation Of Your Garage too. However, they are not used much; an average garage measures about 480 square feet. This accounts for 20% of the average American home.

Improving your garage’s energy efficiency does not simply mean putting up an insulated garage door or limiting its use. It also includes the rest of the interior. Efficiency is optimum when your home’s systems do not have to exert too much to maintain the heating inside.

Garage Door Insulation Tips

Garage Door Insulation Tips

Garage Door Insulation Tips

Doing your homework before you jump into the whole fiasco is better.

The garage door is a good starting point. Since it is the point of entry and exit, Insulating Your Current Door or replacing your old one can be an excellent contributor.

The following are some of the benefits of an insulated garage door:

1. More comfortable indoor temperatures

Your garage door is like a buffer to outdoor temperatures. When appropriately insulated, its many layers prevent outside air from invading your garage. Therefore, the temperature established by heaters and other heating appliances can be conserved for more prolonged periods more efficiently.

Why is this important? Suppose you have any working station inside your garages, such as a workspace, hobby shop, or laundry room. In that case, insulation can go a long way in maintaining bearable temperatures inside the garage throughout the year.

Maintaining even temperatures inside your garage can keep any equipment, such as hoses, lawnmowers, power washers – basically anything with a liquid– safe from potential damage by frigid temperatures.

2. Peace and Serenity

Although this benefit has no relation to energy efficiency, no one complains about a little more peace in their life. Insulated garage doors tend to move slowly and cause much less noise.

Therefore, an insulated door will keep the cold out and support your life quieter.

3. Energy efficiency at its finest

Traditional garage doors tend to have a metal component of some sort. It may include steel or aluminum, and these (along with almost every metal in existence) are excellent conductors of heat and electricity.

Therefore, these doors have low efficiency in maintaining the temperatures inside your home without insulation. An insulated garage door will have a layer of foam or something similar in its core. This reduces the ability of the door to conduct heat or cold into or out of your home.

Ways To Insulate Your Garage

Ways To Insulate Your Garage

Ways To Insulate Your Garage

As we mentioned earlier, having an insulated garage door is no good if the rest of its interior is poor at this function. Let’s discuss some ways to insulate a garage door.

1. Solar heating for the garage door

Although your garage door insulation is essential, it does not stop air from moving altogether. You can consider installing space heaters, but they will not be able to heat the entire garage and will use tons of electricity too.

However, this issue can be easily solved by using solar heaters. These use infrared heat radiation that can reach every corner of your garage.

Infrared heaters generate heat by using light in the infrared spectrum. They do not use fuels or electricity. Instead, a small solar panel installed near a window or any place with sufficient sunlight every day charges the heater enough to produce heat.

2. Weatherstripping

Repairing cracks and crevices around your garage door can help significantly improve your garage’s insulation. It is not even that difficult to achieve. All you have to do is replace the weatherstripping that is mostly the cause of air leaks.

Although it may sound like a complicated task, it is pretty simple in reality. You can contact companies that specialize in garage door repair services for help with choosing the best weatherstripping available.

Sealing air leaks and cracks in your garage windows has improved insulation efficiency and saved owners about 10 to 15% on energy costs.

To check the functionality of all weatherstripping in your garage, determine if the seal is:

  • Present around the entire door
  • Pliable
  • Intact

You can also check for cracks by examining your garage at nighttime to observe whether light is coming in.

Lighting, outlets, and switches

Lighting, outlets, and switches

3. Lighting, outlets, and switches

Although they may seem minor, even small gaps like electrical outlets tend to be places of air leaks in a garage.

You will need spray foam, caulk, and a steady hand to fix this problem. If there can light in your garage that might be leaking, try getting rid of the leak using an LED retrofit light/baffle kit.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for ways to make your garage more energy-efficient, you’ve come to the perfect place. This article contains all the information we could compile on this topic, and we hope you find your answers!

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