What Causes Most Garage Fires?

What Causes Most Garage Fires?

There are almost 6,600 garage fires each year in the U.S., as reported by the U.S. Fire Administration. The foremost reason of occurring of these fires is the attached garage with homes. It is mainly responsible for more than 30 deaths every year.

The fire in the garage destroys the complete attached area. The Garage Becomes Hazardous To Fire if it is untidy and not organized in the proper way. This doesn’t damage the garage but as well as other parts of the house.

In this article, our primary focus is on the reasons for garage fires and preventive measures to avoid and be safe from these garage fires.

What Are The Main Reasons For Garage Fires?

Electrical Issues: According to the Fire Administration of the U.S., the first and foremost reason for garage fires is electrical problems. It is due to the defects in the circuits of electrical components or overloaded outlets.

Cluttering: A garage is indeed an ideal place for storing your things. Over the years, we keep filling the garage with so many items. But here, the serious issue arises the faster spreading of fire in the garage.

Flammable Liquids: Mostly, the storage area of flammable liquids such as oil, gasoline, and cleaning solutions is in the garage. These liquids might not be dangerous but cause problems just by ignition of the flame. Even the vapors of these liquids can also catch fire.

Tanks of Propane: If the propane tank is not sealed appropriately or has some leakage, then a tiny spark can explode in the air and cause terrible results.

What Are The Key Measures To Prevent From Garage Fires?

To avoid any fire in the garage, you must take five key measures, mentioned below:

  • On an annual basis, keep inspecting and bring improvement to your garage.
  • Arrange all the storage items and take all the flammable liquids out from the garage.
  • Make sure all the electrical equipment is connected correctly and safely. Check all the outlets are closed and not overloaded.
  • Look over the proper working and functionality of the garage door according to security and safety perspectives.
  • Fix a working heat alarm that works contradictory to the smoke alarm in the garage.

What Are Some Of The Tips To Protect The Garage?

It is a fact that no material is 100% resistant to fire. That’s why it is essential to take precautionary measures to save the garage from catching fire. For this, must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • For storing gasoline, propane, paints, and oil, keep them under the shelter and don’t have any connectivity with the rest of the house. They quickly catch fire, so don’t keep them in the garage.
  • Don’t keep any items or appliances, such as a washer and dryer, in the garage. It gets in contact with the fire.
  • Never burden your electic outlets with many plugins. Garages are not a good option for crowding the electrical channels because they also lead towards fire.
  • Stop charging your appliances from electrical cables in the garage. It is just one more reason to cause a spark in wires and get in contact with fire.
  • Do clean your garage very often and try to keep it organized as much as possible. No need to fill the garage with unnecessary stuff because it might become fuel for the fire.
  • The mounting of devices for burning the fuel is dangerous in the garage and is hazardous.
  • Fix the heat alarm in the garage. It provides reliability and becomes steady when the temperature rises. It is entirely different from the smoke alarm.

How To Keep Yourself Alert?

Above is the discussion about protection and prevention from the fire in the garage. It will alert you regarding any mishap that might happen in the garage. Follow all the steps very carefully to avoid destroying your garage.

To protect your family members, keep your garage neat and clean. The fire can quickly spread rapidly in other areas of your house, like in your living areas and bedrooms—no need to endanger your garage and ruin it in the fire.

If you are facing any issue in your garage, look for the solutions instantly to prevent any harm.

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Bottom Line

Do consider the garage as part of your home and save the lives of your valuables and loved ones. Apart from protective measures, you must contact a skilled and trained professional to examine your garage once. If you are the house owner, it is your responsibility to protect it from any damage.

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