Preventing Fire In The Garage

Preventing Fire In The Garage

Fire accidents are one of the deadliest and dangerous hazards that every homeowner faces. On an average, there are close to six thousand fires caused by mishandling in the garage. There are numerous deaths and injuries caused due to fire in the garage and millions of dollars in loss.

Below are a few recommendations to help avoid any kind of accidents that might occur in the garage because it is very important to safeguard the whole house when there is an attached garage.

Combustible Materials

It is important to not store any combustible in the garage. Highly inflammable products like propane and gas cans can be very dangerous these items have to be stored separately in a shed away from the house and garage. Many people have extra refrigerators and ovens in the garage for cooking outdoor if that’s the case it is better to keep flammable items at a distance. Using single appliance at a time for a plug according to size specification and taking care when using an extension cord also helps to prevent any kind of accident.

Garage Set up Tips

If the garage is attached to the house making sure that there is a 20-minute fire rating at the least is very important. Installing a gypsum board on the walls and ceilings of unfinished garage door is much safer and efficient. installing a smoke detector 8 feet above can always be a safety net if there is a fire. if there is an overhead attic in the garage make sure the hatch is always closed.

To conclude, fire that starts in the garage is often started because of a short circuit or an electric wiring problem. Few things to avoid are to fix damaged wires, not so correct electrical wiring and overload of outlets. Any questions of an ill-functioning garage door should be first discussed with a Professional garage technician who gives an immediate response to the situation and suggests repairs or a total garage makeover.

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