Are Garage Door Opener Rails Universal?

Are Garage Door Opener Rails Universal?

When most if not all garage doors are installed, they are fitted with Rails Designed For The Garage Door and that particular door. In fact, we can say that just about every garage door manufactured comes complete with its own set of rails or tracks.

Without the right rails Garage Doors Will Not Open. That’s why if you buy another garage door to replace the existing one perhaps, the existing rails will not work. Every part will need to be changed to accommodate the new garage door.

Garage Door Opener rails have never been universal, even though they may appear identical to some people. That’s why we strongly recommend a complete system overhaul to ensure that your garage door performs optimally.

Do your garage door’s rails need to be replaced? Here is how to tell.

Does Not Have the Right Spacing

If the garage door you have today was installed improperly by the previous company, it would affect how the door opens and closes. You will most likely notice it hitting something on the way down or up; sometimes, it might even jam. The issue is both unsafe and highly frustrating to every family member.

Though the rails can be repositioned, you will want to get new rails installed by one of our garage door opener experts. Our experts will also be able to examine the condition of the opener and tell you if it’s in good enough shape for all that effort; if not, then the entire system will need to be changed.

The Garage Door Fell for No Reason

It is surprisingly common for garage doors to fall, especially when the rails break. Once the rails start to wear down, they will eventually start to bend, break or even come out of the walls. The best time to know if you have an issue like this is to observe if the garage door is maybe slipping when opening.

The other way to find or determine the issue is to hire us, and we’ll inspect the rails every two years to make sure that everything is OK.

It is essential to understand that a sliding door can be a safety hazard. If you notice it sliding, get the issue addressed right away.

You Have a Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors that screech, scratch, or scrape are all signs of the rail going bad. While there could be other sources of this noise, you start hearing progressively loud noises once the rails continue wearing out.

If you notice that the wheels are misaligned, they could also be making this noise as they rub against the rails. Regardless of what may be causing all that commotion, if you have bad rails, you need to call us for a thorough inspection and replacement.

Get A New Garage Door

If you notice that the rails are worn out, and you are now tired of the garage door making all those noises, it might be Time To Get a New Garage Door Installed. As experts, we don’t just install new garage doors but can inspect the existing ones to determine if its time has come!

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