Why Does My Garage Door Keep Bouncing Back Up?

Why Does My Garage Door Keep Bouncing Back Up?

Just about everyone reading this article and who has a garage door has experienced this problem. Usually, it starts with the garage door closing and then suddenly goes back up.

That said, figuring out what is going wrong can be frustrating. Fortunately for you, this guide can help you address the problem similar to the Garage Door Not Opening.

Like any other problem, there may not be just one reason why the garage door opens after you have tasked it to close. If you are Experiencing This Issue, run through the following causes below.

Logic Board Needs Replacing

Similar to how a computer has a motherboard, the garage door also has a logic board. The logic board is the brain of your garage door, and like any other machine, this thing can wear out after years of use.

A logic board that’s worn out can cause this problem, and so replacing it will fix it.

Logic Board Needs Replacing

Logic Board Needs Replacing

Adjusting the Limit Switch

Just about every garage door out there has a limit switch that will control where exactly the garage door stops. If your garage door isn’t closing all the way, or you see it is going back up, you will have to readjust the limit switch.

Use a flathead screwdriver to make slight adjustments.

Adjust the Travel Down Setting

Adjust the Travel Down Setting

Adjust the Travel Down Setting

The setting on the door opener controls the distance for which the garage door has to travel before it can entirely close. If it happens to close before hitting the said distance, it may have seen something in its way.

However, garage door components can contract and change owing to varying weather conditions.

In instances like these, the distance may change, which is why you need to adjust the travel down setting to a new distance to address the issue.

Check for Blockages

If you see that the garage door feels hard to open or is reversing as soon as it closes, the simplest thing here is to check for any blocks. Generally, the garage door can sense blockages, which may then cause it to go back up to prevent damage.

If the threshold is clear, another possible cause may be leading to the issue, or it could be another problem. The garage door’s instruction manual should shed some light on the problem.

If, however, the threshold is clear and the other possible causes mentioned above did not fix the issue, it could be a whole other problem.

Read the instruction manual of your garage door opener or consult a garage door service professional to help you.


Many homeowners value the convenience that their garage doors have to offer. It works as the main entrance for many families, so much so that they may forget that it even exists. However, garage doors need to be maintained so that they perform securely and safely.

Sure, there may be issues from time to time, like when the garage door reverses back up, which can be caused by a few different things. Fortunately, we can address most issues.

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