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Garage Door Bent PanelRepair & Replacement Services

Over the years we have seen many different overhead garage doors sold, some did better than others. However, the traditional design continues to be popular as it offers the right combination of space-saving and economy. The folding allows for it to be firm when open or closed, and when open it helps to save space as it rolls above. That said one of the inherent weaknesses of its design is the door panels which can get damaged easily. Garage door bent panels are some of the most common issues with these doors. In some extreme cases, they can even break. Either way, the panels need to be repaired or better yet replaced.

Garage door bent panels repair & replacement is a difficult job especially if you don’t have any prior experience. Not to mention the fact that it is time-consuming and if not done correctly it can end up doing damage to the garage door. That said at Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair in Tacoma we provide professional panel replacement and repair depending on the condition. Once we are done with your garage door, it will look as good as new.

Garage Door Bent Panels - Repair & Replacement Services - Elite Garage Door
Our 25 Point Safety Inspection Will Ensure Your Equipment Is Operating Properly and Efficiently. Your Garage Door Is The Single Largest Moving Component On Your Home So Ensuring It Operates Safely Is Our Top Priority!

Why Hire Us To Fix Garage Door Bent Panels?

One of the prime reasons to hire us is because bent panels require professional attention. A shoddy repair job can be the cause of many other issues that are more expensive to fix. That said our team has over a decade of experience repairing garage doors. We specialize in fixing everything from the garage door opener to the repairing panels and installing new ones.

In addition, our team will also check to make sure that what caused the panels to bend in the first place is fixed. Overhead garage doors need to move in a precise manner. However, when the tracks are, and the torsion springs are stretched, or if there are belt issues, these can cause damage. That’s why just installing new panels will not fix the problem entirely.

How We Fix the Panels?

Garage door bent panels repair & replacement services like ours will offer you two options based on the condition of the panels.

If the panels are slightly bent that can be repaired onsite. Repairing the panels is cheaper as compared to a complete replacement.
If we see that the panels are damaged beyond repair, then it has to be replaced. We have professional garage door panel experts who will find and install the right panels for your door. Not only that but we will make sure that the panels look perfect aesthetically too.

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You don’t have to live with bent and broken garage door panels. As a matter of fact, living with it will end up costing you more money. Trust our team of professionals to help you save time, money and frustration with the best garage door bent panels repair and installation at a great price. Call us today for an inspection.

Repairs and Safety Are Our Priority

We want you to rest assured that your garage door operates smoothly and efficiently which is why our 25 point safety inspection can identify most issues before they happen.  Safety and reliability is our top priority which is why we send only fully certified technicians, not sub-contractors, out to take care of all your garage door repair and maintenance needs.

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