How Much Horsepower Do I Need For Garage Door Opener?

How Much Horsepower Do I Need For Garage Door Opener?

One of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners who are in the market for an electronic garage door is how much horsepower is needed.

Many are confused because there are many different garage door opener types, some of which are labeled as “heavy-duty”.

So, how much horsepower does the average homeowner need to invest in?

It is important to consider that a garage door is the single, heaviest piece of equipment in any home. Most people will use their garage doors several times a day, and because it opens and closes with the push of a button, it is highly convenient too.

That said horsepower is essential. If it is too low, your Garage Door Opener will be stressed unnecessarily, too high and well you won’t be using most of it. That’s why it is important to start with considering a couple of factors before choosing the right horsepower.

What Factors to Consider?

When you are Choosing a Garage Door, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of everything. One of which is your lifestyle preferences. When you are in the process of choosing a garage door opener and not sure what horsepower is best, here are a few things worth considering:

  • Size and Weight: Do you have a single garage door, or is it a double door model? What is the garage door made of? Is it made from metal, wood, fiber etc.? metal garage doors are the heaviest, with wooden doors a close second. You can also check the weight of the garage door with its manufacturer.
  • The Opener’s Longevity: Now you might be tempted to buy a garage door motor that has a lower horsepower because it is cheaper. However, that might need to be replaced a year later because it wasn’t powerful enough for the size and weight of your garage door. Our recommendation is to buy a garage door opener with a motor that can easily handle the weight of the door for at least 3 years. So, you don’t want to buy an underpowered garage door opener.
  • Consider Other Parts: Another thing you need to consider is that everything isn’t just about the horsepower and opener. Regardless of the design you opt for, these are not the only factors that ensure that your garage door functions optimally. You need to consider other components which include the torsion springs, cables, and tracks which ensure that your garage door functions as it should. Plus, the garage door has to be properly balanced so that the weight is evenly distributed.

The Different Garage Door Motors Available 

Generally, Garage Door Openers are available in varying horsepower ratings. It starts from around 1/3HP, and you can find ones as powerful as 3/4HP. Here is what you can expect from each type:

1/3HP Opener – It is the cheapest one on the market, and consumes the least amount of power. However, they can only be used on the lightest garage doors. If paired with a heavy garage door, they will have a short service life. If you are going to buy a 1/3HP garage door opener make sure that the garage door you want to pair it with isn’t a double door type door or one that’s made from thick steel, both of which types can be exceptionally heavy.

1/2HP Opener – We would say that this is the most popular type in our experience. It is an opener that works best with double garage doors and single doors alike. It can handle the average size and weight garage door very easily. So, if your garage door is anywhere from eight to twelve feet in width, the 1/2 HP garage door opener is a good choice. It also offers the best bang for your money in terms of pricing.

3/4HP Opener – Now there are some garage doors like wooden ones, for instance, that can be immensely heavy. Usually, these doors will measure more than 14 feet. It is these types of garage doors that will benefit from a 3/4HP motor. Even though it is one of the most expensive garage door openers out there, they also guarantee a very long service life.


Regardless of what option you go for always make sure that your garage door is tuned up and well maintained. Even the most powerful garage door openers can’t help you if the garage door is imbalanced, so make sure that it is well balanced. If required get Professional Garage Door Repair.

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