Replace Garage Door Spring, Is It Dangerous?

/Replace Garage Door Spring, Is It Dangerous?

Replace Garage Door Spring, Is It Dangerous?

Yes, it is very dangerous, attempting to replace the Garage Door Spring on your own. Not only is the spring under a tremendous amount of load owing to the several hundred-pound garage door, but it could snap at any moment and hit the person attempting to repair it. The consequences of being hit by a garage door are dire, and so replacing the spring shouldn’t be attempted by DIY homeowners.

Why is the Garage Door Spring Dangerous?

Most garage doors come preinstalled with a torsion spring, which is mounted mainly on top. The spring works as a counterbalance for the hefty garage door by counterbalancing its weight. Each time the garage door is used, it winds and unwinds to open and close the garage door.

There are various types, lengths, finishing, and gauges of torsion springs. Keep in mind that the Garage Door Opener isn’t meant to open the door, but instead to just move the door, while the spring handles the weight. That’s why you never want to deal with a broken spring.

What Happens When the Spring Breaks?

When the garage door spring breaks, you might probably be thinking if it is a good idea to open the door. The fact is that your garage door depending on its make and model, may still be using one of the two springs. Some garage doors can even have four springs. Regardless you shouldn’t open the garage door or close it for that matter using the automatic operator.

Using the automatic operator means that you’re putting it at risk even if it can open or close it. Using the operator can cause the garage door to cave in, the gear can burn out, or the chain or belt could break.

What to Do if Your Garage Door has a Broken Spring?

Now, if your garage door’s spring is broken, start by taking your cars out of the garage just in case. The next step is to open it manually. Disengage the garage door from the opener, and then carefully lift the door. You need to be extra careful not to bend the panels or perhaps put your fingers in between the panels since the door weighs several hundred pounds.

Depending on your door, it can feel very heavy to lift. The best technique to use is to stand in the middle of the garage door then put each hand on a different panel to help minimize damage to the panels and lift up. You should also aim to ensure that the door is leveled.

Final Word 

As a homeowner, if you suspect that your garage door’s spring may be broken, then instead of going at it yourself, hire a professional. A technician will ensure that the problem is addressed in a professional way. Trying to work with a garage door that has a broken spring is dangerous and will end up damaging it.

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