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Garage Door Rollers Replacement Service

Has your garage door become slow especially when sliding up? Does it get stuck when closing the door? Have you witnessed the garage door stutter as it moves? Well, all of these are indicators of worn out garage door rollers. There is a good chance that you’ll need professional garage door roller replacement.
Worn out garage door rollers which aren’t replaced or repaired tend to put excessive pressure on the joints and its track. All of this additional pressure causes unusual wear and extensive damage. That’s why you need our professional garage door rollers replacement in Tacoma right away!

Professional garage door roller replacement - Elite Garage Door
Quick and Professional Garage Door Rollers Replacement - Elite Garage Door
Our 25 Point Safety Inspection Will Ensure Your Equipment Is Operating Properly and Efficiently. Your Garage Door Is The Single Largest Moving Component On Your Home So Ensuring It Operates Safely Is Our Top Priority!

How to Spot Problematic Garage Door Rollers?

If the garage door rollers are broken, it will make the door near impossible to move. You can try to inspect the rollers yourself by checking if there are pieces or missing chunks of the rollers.

Rollers that are breaking or may soon break often exhibit the following symptoms:

Dragging: It is by far the most common issue associated with broken or worn rollers. Dragging is caused when there is increased tension on the door as it tries to move. Even a minimal amount of damage to one or two of the rollers can make the door hard to move. If anything it merits roller replacement.
Clicking: You may hear a clicking sound as you try to close or open the door. The sound is mainly from a poorly aligned piece within the machine which is causing it to re-align. The clicking is of the pieces meeting resistance and then suddenly breaking free. It is indicating that there is stress which could be the result of worn door rollers.
Grinding: Usually similar to the sound of metal grinding on metal. It’s an indicator that your rollers are either worn or broken causing the metal parts to meet on the track. The metal parts are not designed to meet each other and especially not the track. If professional garage door rollers replacement is not undertaken on time, it can cause extensive damage to the door.
Marks: When the rollers wear out you may see strange marks appear on the track where the wheels are dragging. The same marks can be seen overhead. If you notice dragging, clicking or grinding along with the marks, then call us to fix the issue right away.

How can Elite Garage Door Tacoma Help?

standby. Our team has been replacing rollers and other garage door parts for a very long time. Not to mention the fact that we back all work done with a labor warranty.
When hiring us, you don’t have to worry about expensive parts or labor. We will use the right rollers available for the best price without compromising quality. So, call us today for a complete and professional garage door rollers replacement service trusted by dozens of home and business owners across the city.

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