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Looking For Top-Quality, Garage Door Parts

Elite Garage Door and Gate Repair is your one-stop source for all top-quality garage door parts. The parts you find here are unsurpassed in quality even by the best home improvement stores both online and offline. Over the years these parts have been tested and honed to near perfection. That’s why we can guarantee that by choosing these parts for your door will ensure a longer life and a higher return on your investment.

Our 25 Point Safety Inspection Will Ensure Your Equipment Is Operating Properly and Efficiently. Your Garage Door Is The Single Largest Moving Component On Your Home So Ensuring It Operates Safely Is Our Top Priority!

Aluminum Drums

Quality aluminum drums ensure that your garage door lifts with ease. These drums are 12” and have a 750 pounds lift capacity. Compare that to other companies that used 8” drums, which can only bear 265 pounds. So you get more durability and better service life.

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Aircraft Cables

Quality aircraft cables are a huge part of your garage door’s integrity since they are held under tremendous tension. The cables need to be in excellent condition because if they are damaged in any way, it could pose a potential hazard. That’s why each cable we sell have more strands per wire and more wires than the established industry standard.

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Premium Quality Torsion Springs

We bet you couldn’t find parts even near this quality at any local home store. The quality of torsion springs is essential since they bear the weight of your garage door. They are responsible for carrying the load of up to 90% of the lift action. These durable torsion springs are designed to last for at least 10,000 cycles. Plus the powder-coated varieties are longer lasting because they are rust-resistant.

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End-Bearing Plates

Made from 12-gauge steel, these plates are designed and manufactured to provide excellent support to the torsion system. The hardened steel balls help the system rotate quietly and smoothly. Plus, it helps to minimize the stress on the garage door. Also, zinc plated brackets manufactured using 12-gauge steel provide further support.

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Center-Bearing Bracket

The durability of our 11-gauge steel centered bearing brackets are second to none. These brackets support the torsion system shaft ensuring quiet and smooth operation. Not to mention the fact that they can bear heavy loads and withstand the effects of extreme weather.

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Ultra-Quiet Nylon Tire Rollers

Looking for quality rollers that are ultra-quiet? Then these 13 ball bearing, rollers ensure super-quiet performance. This is a made to order design by our company. It has been proven to withstand up to 80,000 cycles and 75 pounds of load.

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If you want quality parts that will last you a long time, then call us today. We are your only source for the best quality replacement parts. Our garage door parts will save you money in the long term. Plus, you can call us to schedule a visit to install these parts maybe even on the same day.

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