My Garage Door is Breaking! What Should I do?

My Garage Door is Breaking! What Should I do?

Garage doors play a vital role in our daily routine. We use them to access our garage to take vehicles out or park them several times daily. Garage doors also act as shields, protecting the garage and the items stored within from the elements. They also improve your home’s curb appeal.

However, like any other machinery, garage doors do not have an Infinite Lifespan. They are bound to wear down eventually. If your door’s springs break, the garage door can shut tightly, refusing to open.

Any movements it makes are extremely loud, and your vehicles can get trapped inside the garage. If this happens, it becomes difficult for the homeowner to reach their destinations in time.

A broken garage is a highly dangerous hazard. If your garage door breaks down, it is crucial to stay calm and handle the issue gently. You must ensure that no mishandling of the broken garage door causes any harm to the family members.

This article highlights what you should and should not do when your garage door springs fail. Hence, let’s get to the topic without any further delay: –


1. Do not attempt to lift the door yourself

It is common for homeowners to try lifting a broken garage door on their own (or with the help of a few family members). However, they know the protocols for handling a broken garage door. This stunt can be very tempting because it can free your cars trapped inside the garage.

Do Not Attempt To Lift The Door Yourself

Do Not Attempt To Lift The Door Yourself

However, we highly advise against this temptation. Garage doors are extremely heavy and difficult to handle. Putting all that weight on your shoulders can cause severe injuries. You can develop back pain or even fracture your bones if the weight is too much. Ask yourself this question. Do you want to put yourself through that?

Therefore, one needs to be competent in such a scenario. In the pursuit to speed things up, you might end up paying a lot of money in hospital bills!

2. Do not spam the opener

A hectic routine can put a person on edge. With all this frustration built up inside, the slow opening of the garage door can be very annoying. You may lose your temper and press the button repeatedly, hoping the stuck door will start moving.

Do not spam the opener

Do not spam the opener

However, this will not solve your problem at all. It will make the situation even worse. The remote might break or short-circuit. The repetitive signals might damage the motherboard inside the garage door. Even when you solve the primary problem of your broken door, you will need to put in extra effort to replace the motherboard.

Therefore, keeping your remote far away from yourself is highly recommended when your door gets stuck or breaks down. This way, you can save at least something from damage.

3. Never attempt to fix it yourself

Google and YouTube can be very misleading platforms. They may give you a 5-minute tutorial and coax you into thinking you can fix your broken garage door. However, that is not the case.

Garage door repairs Require Specific Tools and skills that only experts possess. If learning them was that easy, professionals would not need professionals at all!

Never attempt to fix it yourself

Never attempt to fix it yourself.

You will likely only worsen the problem without the essential knowledge and equipment. You can even harm yourself or other family members helping you out. Therefore, it is much wiser to leave this matter to the experts and let them do their job. You will save a lot of money and time this way.

4. Call an expert

Whenever a garage door issue arises, the wisest thing to do is contact the local garage door company and ask for assistance.

They will send an expert with the knowledge and skills required for the job. The technician can do the job much more efficiently and professionally.

You may think fixing the door yourself will help you save money and time. However, the most likely result is that you will make things difficult for yourself and might even cause self-harm. The technician may demand a little money for their services.

However, that is nothing compared to what you might have to pay if fixing the door yourself goes south.

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