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Garage Door Cables – Repair & Replacement

Garage door cables are those tethers that you see strung up on either side of the garage door and help to pull the door up. However, when the cables break the door is stuck. So, if your car happens to be stored inside the garage when this happens, it is unfortunately stuck inside until professionals arrive or you can try prying the door open. The latter is what we don’t advise since garage doors weigh several hundred pounds and could cause bodily harm.

At Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair we have made garage door cables – repair & replacement very simple. Our team is available 24/7, so you can call us at any time. Our professionals will arrive and inspect the damage to the garage door, after which they will furnish you with a quote, once approved they will fix the door.

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Our 25 Point Safety Inspection Will Ensure Your Equipment Is Operating Properly and Efficiently. Your Garage Door Is The Single Largest Moving Component On Your Home So Ensuring It Operates Safely Is Our Top Priority!

Understanding Garage Door Cables

Now when it comes to cables, there are many different types. However, three of the most common happen to be torsion, extension and safety cables. Torsion cables are generally attached to the bottom of the garage door through a loop. The torsion cable has to be connected to the gate in a certain way which prevents the spring from failing. But when it does fail the cable has to be replaced in a way so that it sits exactly as it initially did.

You will still find extension cables in usually in older models of garage doors. These cables are attached in conjunction with coils located on each end of the garage door. When extension cables fail your garage door will not budge.

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Safety First

Safety cables are within the extension string. If the extension spring fails for whatever reason these safety cables hold the door up to prevent damage. However, safety cables need to be regularly inspected to ensure that they are in good condition. Safety cable inspections are part of our annual maintenance packages.

What Causes Cables to Break?

The most common reason in our experience is stress. Garage door cables are always under pressure with doors weighing an average of around 500 pounds. So, at some point, the wires will snap especially if the garage door is old. That’s why professional repair & replacement is so important.

The other reason is misalignment. Daily use, multiple times a day of a garage door creates patterns that will slowly cause misalignment. If not spotted and fixed in time this misalignment will cause the cable to fail. That said rethreading the cord is labor-intensive and dangerous depending on the spring. However, at Elite Garage Door we handle the realigning of the cable for you.

Why Call Us?

When it comes to garage door cables – repair & replacement we have the most experience in Tacoma. Our team has repaired and replaced cables of hundreds if not thousands of garage doors over the years. We have a reputation for using only the best aftermarket parts and backing our work with a warranty…so we have you covered!

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