5 Reasons You Should Replace the Old Garage Door Opener

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5 Reasons You Should Replace the Old Garage Door Opener

Do you have a garage door opener dating back several decades? We know that’s an extreme case, but just in case it is then it is time to replace it. Not only because it is old, but there are several other reasons to consider replacing it as we’ll examine in this article.

Helps to Improve Safety

Most American homes have the entry point of their home attached to the garage. Also, many people enter their homes via the garage because they drive into it. We know some clients who have rarely ever used the front door!

Garage door openers that predate 1993 didn’t have an automatic reversal system but instead used a mechanical system. That means if the door is lowering it could potentially crush or injure someone. So, the latest openers are safer. Make sure to buy one that has two auto reversal systems and if you already have one verify that it is working correctly for the sake of your family’s safety.

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Prevents Intruders from Getting In

If your remote for the old garage door opener has been programmed using a series of DIP switches or a position, it is easy for an intruder to receive the signal which can be used to enter your home.

Door openers made since 1993 have used advanced technology like rolling codes. So, each time a button on the garage’s remote is pressed, a new code is generated. Garage doors by the Chamberlain Group, for instance, started using the Security+ system which allowed for potentially millions of codes. That was then followed by Security+2.0 with over a billion codes made possible.

Connected Home Advantages

Today our homes are connected to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other computing platforms. We can open and close the doors remotely from anywhere. So, the latest garage door opener systems now come equipped with Wi-Fi which allows you to open and then close the garage door remotely. This type of system is both convenient and adds yet another layer of much-needed safety.

Reduces Noise

Old school garage door openers used a chain driven system, and some used a steel cable both of which were highly durable but noisy at the same time. Today rubber belts have all but taken over. They are as durable and easier to replace yet much quieter.

If noise is still an issue for you, the metal rollers can also be replaced with nylon ones. They help to reduce vibrations further and subsequently noise. If you happen to sleep right above the garage upgrading to a new opener will result in better sleep.

Problems with Frequent Brownouts

Many of the latest garage door opener systems come with a backup battery. So, if there is a prolonged outage you’re still able to operate the door up to 20 times. Once the battery dies, you can still operate it manually!

Decide to Upgrade to a New Garage Door Opener?

If you’ve finally decided its time to upgrade to a new garage door opener than contact us today. We can help you find and install the latest and greatest opener in no time.

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