Have You Properly Winterized Your Garage Door?

Have You Properly Winterized Your Garage Door?

Those cold months of winter are no friend to your home, vehicles, or anything left exposed to the frigid air. While you may be warm and toasty in your living room, your garage may become an inadvertent icebox if you haven’t taken proper steps to winterize your door.

Utilizing proper insulation will keep your garage in a more temperament climate but can also save you on home energy expenses in the long run. Heat can escape from a poorly insulated garage door making the rest of your home cooler and causing your heating system to work harder to keep up.

Also consider the things you store in your garages such as your vehicles, your tools, and other projects. Without proper insulation all of these items are vulnerable to the ravages of the cold and could become damaged, costing you more money when you need it most.

Cold winter air has been known to cause dead car batteries, and if you’re trying to get to work or school, this is the last thing you need when you’re in a hurry. Keeping your garage at a reasonable temperature can ensure that your vehicle’s battery and electronics aren’t unnecessarily damaged

If you want to have your garage inspected or want an estimate for proper insulation, give the professionals a call today to schedule an inspection.

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