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The Most Challenging Parts in Garage Door Repair

Repairing a garage door is not a simple task; most regular people lack the knowledge and skills necessary to perform repairs on a garage door in a safe and effective manner. For this reason, it is always best to seek the assistance of a professional whenever your garage door chooses to break down on [...]

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How To Know If You’ve Got A Blocked Garage Door Sensor

Despite the fact that a garage door seems to be a fundamental mechanism, how complicated can anything be that has to be raised and lowered mechanically? There are many moving components, all of which are essential to its operation. Garage door cables, for example, keep the hefty door and springs from collapsing under their [...]

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How to Deal With a Malfunctioning Garage Door Sensor

Owning a vehicle or two has now become a basic need these days. Traveling between your workplace and home daily becomes way quicker and less tiring when you have a car or any other form of transport at your disposal. However, one needs a place to store these vehicles when they are not used. [...]

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3 Reasons Why a Side-Mount Garage Door Opener is Worth It

When was the last time you had your garage door opener serviced? Is there anything you'd want to add to your garage? Where do you begin your search for a vehicle? There are a plethora of garage door opener models to choose from. The first step is to figure out what you need, what you [...]

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Are Garage Door Opener Sensors Required?

All homeowners with an automated or Electronic Garage Door may have faced a bad experience with the garage door sensors. When closing the garage door, we may have noticed that the door does not close because the sensor detects something in its path when there is nothing there. Because of these types of experiences, many [...]

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How to Refresh Your Old Garage Door?

Do you think it is time to refresh your old garage door with a new garage door type look? Regardless of how worn out or run down your garage door looks there are things you can do to give it a unique look. However, the new look only addresses the garage door’s cosmetic concerns [...]

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When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote?

We use our garage doors every day, and multiple times a day. For many of us, it is the main entrance to our homes, and the remote offers an extremely convenient way of getting in. However, after a few thousand users, your garage door remote may need to be replaced. It may also have to [...]

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How to Quickly Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

We have all had to deal with a noisy garage door. So, we can all relate to the problem often associated with the noise of often rumbling, rattling, and loud whirring. The noise is often experienced each time the door moves down or up. Many people may feel that something is breaking or perhaps even [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Replace the Old Garage Door Opener

Do you have a garage door opener dating back several decades? We know that’s an extreme case, but just in case it is then it is time to replace it. Not only because it is old, but there are several other reasons to consider replacing it as we’ll examine in this article. Helps to Improve [...]

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Choosing The Right Color For Your Garage Door

When looking at the overall curb appeal of the house there are multiple elements such as materials used in the exterior finish of the house and landscaping that come into the picture. But, the use of color also plays a vital role. Details like the trim color, the exterior being brick, vinyl, etc have an [...]

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