Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

The garage door of your house is the most rugged element of your home, that is until it breaks down all of a sudden for no apparent reason. Neglected garage doors tend to start malfunctioning, ultimately leading to an untimely and immediate replacement, which costs a hefty sum.

So why replace or upgrade a garage door when it’s likely to start causing trouble again soon enough? Here are some key facts to help you understand why it is essential to ensure regular upkeep of your garage door:

  • An aged and degraded garage door majorly decreases your house’s curb appeal, making the outlook of your house seem shabby at first glance.
  • It is the largest machine of a home that needs to move effortlessly to serve its purpose.
  • Up to 40% of your house’s front side is occupied by your garage door.
  • 70% of the garage doors are used as the main exit and entry point into a house.
Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

A garage is for more than a mere parking space for vehicles and a storage place for junk in most houses. A garage can be transformed in any way, whether it is an obscure corner for yoga or a storage corner for stowing away seasonal sports equipment.

However, if your garage door is not routinely maintained, it can cause your garage to become the most uncomfortable place in your house.

Here are some facts about how garage doors can make the garages an unlikeable portion of your home:

7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

1. Extreme temperatures in your garage?

To avoid letting the harsh seasonal effects inside your garage, you must ensure that your garage door is updated with insulation of at least R-12 quality. Moreover, pay attention to the door’s dimensions to ensure it fits its frame perfectly.

Extreme temperatures in your garage

Extreme temperatures in your garage

Additionally, keep a check to confirm that the door’s weather stripping is still intact and in one piece to prevent heat transfer inside and outside of your garage.

2. Need a repaint already?!

A wooden garage door must be repainted quite often, that is, about every two years. If you want to avoid spending your precious time repeatedly painting your garage door, consider investing in a new and updated garage door that comes with oven-baked paint.

This paint can withstand harsh weather and maintains its look for years.

3. Difficulty lifting your door manually?

If you have to stress and strain a lot while trying to lift your garage door manually, it is a clear indicator that your garage door has become outdated and out of balance because ideally, a standard door should weigh in the ranges of 3.5 and 4.5 kg.

Old Garage Doors are heavyweight and require a lot of effort to be operated. Consider getting a new and lightweight door that can easily be raised when required.

Are you worried about decreased curb appeal?

Are you worried about decreased curb appeal?

4. Are you worried about decreased curb appeal?

Since a garage door takes up a significant portion of the face of your house, you wouldn’t want it to be in an outdated condition. There are hundreds of new garage door options available on the market that can hugely Enhance Your House’s Current Style.

If you are looking to uplift the outlook of your house, updating the garage door is the best and the most efficient option for you to consider.

5. Are you annoyed by the groaning sounds?

Loud noises coming from a moving garage door indicate that you are about to experience total system failure and that a major component has already failed. Strange noises from a garage door must not be taken lightly, and you should call garage door repair services immediately.

6. Yet another repair…!!!

If your garage door constantly requires repairs, first with one part and then the other, it is another indicator that your garage door needs to be replaced. Replacing your garage door is ranked as one of the niftiest upgrades you can do in your house, as it yields about 92% ROI.

Malfunctioning garage door opener

Malfunctioning garage door opener

7. Malfunctioning garage door opener?

If the trouble is just a malfunctioning door opener, you should still consider replacing the door opener as well as the door. This is because most problems reported are about openers over 20 years old and using outdated tech.

Consider replacing your opener and your garage door to get one with a backup battery system that can be operated even during power outages.

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