Understanding the Costs of New Garage Doors

Understanding the Costs of New Garage Doors

Garage doors are undoubtedly a highly versatile home accessory with a particular set of bells and whistles. Some of the models are focused on insulation, while others tend to fluctuate within material diversity.

However, one thing that is often confusing for an average homeowner is the overall cost. As you might have guessed, their price-tag range from region to region or state to state, along with their prime aspects. So, investing in the right model with ideal budget consideration is not easy as it sounds.

Lucky for you, today, we will go through some of the factors that can influence most of the new garage door costs. Whether you are looking for something affordable or want the best of the best, you will make a better decision after going through the list.

So, without mingling too much in the discussion, let’s take a look at them!

Factors Affecting New Garage Door Cost

There are dozens of things that gradually influence garage door costs throughout the United States. So, to give you a complete selection, we have come up with some of the well-known aspects that will guide you to premium to economical price points.

Factors Affecting New Garage Door Cost

Factors Affecting New Garage Door Cost

Some of them are under as;

1. Overall Configuration

No matter which type of garage door you choose in the long run, it ultimately boils down to the overall configuration that will be suited for your condition. Basic configuration can be divided as;

Single Doors

These are some of the standard door setups that can easily tackle space for small to mid-range vehicles. If you are a casual homeowner with ideal needs, then a single-door setup is the way to go. They can cost anywhere from $500-$1500 and boast 20-22 feet worth of dimensions.

Single Doors

Single Doors

Dual/Double Doors

Large families who need ample space can use double doors to utilize their garage zone. Generally speaking, they range around 18 feet in width, with cost residing at $900-$3000, depending on your region.

Double Doors

Double Doors

Custom-made Doors

As the name suggests, these doors are manually made by homeowners that need a bit of versatility. You can get them by paying a premium ($2000-$7000).

2. Incorporated Materials

Another thing that plays a vital role in understanding the costs of a new garage door is a material consideration. Some materials are performance-driven, thus come with a solid price-point as compared to others.


When it comes to durability and insulation, one of the materials that stand out in the garage door industry is aluminum. Aluminum-based garage doors are not only lightweight but also easily customizable. Their upfront cost resides within $500, while some models can go up to $2500.


Fiberglass garage doors are also resilient and come up with a decent outlook. Most of the time, they are maintenance-free and can offer protection against environmental stress or dents. Whether you go for single or dual door configuration, expect to pay around $700-$3000 for such models.


Pure-wood-based garage doors are pretty famous in the countryside. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and can dramatically fine-tune your exterior space. Compared to previous materials, you have to pay a bit to avail them ($1000-$5000).

3. Door-Types

Like materials, garage owners have dozens of options in terms of their door type. Each variant comes with a specific design type, so there is a particular cost and installation method. For the ease of general consumers, we have lined up the following garage door types;


One of the widely used garage door stylings across the US is no doubt the sectional lineup. It utilizes a single-door setup with multiple hinged panels (five to six) incorporated with the wide track of the garage top. Due to a variety of rubber sealing, they are effective in terms of energy efficiency. In general, the overall cost associated with them is anywhere between $800-$2500. 


Roll-up garage doors are an ideal choice for those limited in space. The great thing about them is the ability to wrap or fold themselves up instead of reeling down the celling. Like sectional devices, they are available in a variety of materials. With that said, the new garage door cost of such models ranges from $500-$1500 on average.




These are typical garage door setups based on a spring-and-hinge-based system. You can avail of them within $1000 landmark. Due to the safety hazardous integrated with them, their price point is relatively low.


Garage door types like these can be either Canopy-based or Retractable. For canopy-based models, you can expect solid construction with easy operations. Their prices can be as high as $1500. At the same time, Tilt-Up Retractable is equipped with added support, so the maximum you could pay is to be expected around $2000.

4. Insulation

Garage space can have a significant impact on the overall temperature of your home; thus, it’s wise to invest in proper insulation. Moderate garage doors are available in a wide range of insulation setups. However, one of the widely preferred options from experts is a high R-value of more than 12.

Conversely, garage door installation cost typically resides from $100 to $500 compared to non-insulated counterparts. So, make sure to take this factor into account when upgrading your door.

Bottom Line

This concludes our short guide on Understanding the Costs of New Garage Doors In 2022. I hope it provided you with a decent outlook on how much upfront cost to expect when upgrading your next garage door. Before you make your end decision, try to factor in the labor and installation cost as well.

Most of the manufacturers nowadays provide free installation, so do your research in this regard. While in terms of labor, expect to pay $300 or so on average. At the end of the day, if you want to repair or replace the garage door system, then Give This Guide a quick look.

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