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Preventing Fire In The Garage

Fire accidents are one of the deadliest and dangerous hazards that every homeowner faces. On an average, there are close to six thousand fires caused by mishandling in the garage. There are numerous deaths and injuries caused due to fire in the garage and millions of dollars in loss. Below are a few recommendations to [...]

Understanding Your Automatic Garage Door Parts and Terminology

When dealing with garage door repair specialists, it is to your benefit to understand some of the basic functions and terminology of your garage door system. Not only will this help you, the homeowner, better identify potential problem areas but will allow you to quickly voice your concerns so that a licensed professional will have [...]

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Know the Parts That Make Up Your Garage and How to Maintain Them

If your garage door isn’t working the way it should, there could be any number of factors contributing this.  It’s a good practice to know the basics of your automatic garage door parts and how they work together so that when you need to call the professionals for repairs, you can easily point them in [...]

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