How to Refresh Your Old Garage Door?

How to Refresh Your Old Garage Door?

Do you think it is time to refresh your old garage door with a new garage door type look? Regardless of how worn out or run down your garage door looks there are things you can do to give it a unique look. However, the new look only addresses the garage door’s cosmetic concerns if there are mechanical issues you need to call a garage door repair company to handle those. We are assuming that your garage door performs perfectly and only looks old which can be fixed with some DIY.


In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do to give the garage door a new look. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, then perhaps hiring a professional will make more sense.  


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Regular Paint or Gel Stain Should Give it a New Look


All garage doors can become more aesthetically appealing with a fresh coat of paint. However, it isn’t a simple matter of painting the garage door; it has to be cleaned first. If it is a metallic door, all the old paint will have to be sanded off, and the surface smoothened out before a fresh coat of paint can be applied. You will also have to remove imperfections like dents and bumps before the paint is applied so that the surface looks uniform.


If your garage door is large, then each section will need to be worked on individually. Use multiple coats of paint until the finish looks good. You can then add a layer of clear coat to seal the deal.


You Might Want to Consider Embellishments


Embellishments can help you pull off a unique look. Decorative detail and a couple of other features can help your garage door stand out from all the rest on the block. We would also urge you to consider things like vinyl sidings and panel overlays, though the more creative you are when remodeling the garage door in pursuit of a cool new look better it would be. The only thing you need to be careful of is not going overboard.


Should You DIY it or Get Professionals?


It depends on if you have the time to pull it off. It is possible to give your garage door a new look over the weekend. However, if you’d rather spend the weekend with friends or family, then hiring a team of professionals will make more sense. It goes without saying that like spring repair or other types of garage door repair professionals can achieve better results.




Giving your garage door a new look is cost-effective, comparatively less time consuming and yet every bit as effective as buying a new garage door. All it takes is some creativity and time. That said if your garage door has chronic mechanical issues, you might want to get those examined and fixed first before putting in all that work.

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