When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote?

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote?

We use our garage doors every day, and multiple times a day. For many of us, it is the main entrance to our homes, and the remote offers an extremely convenient way of getting in. However, after a few thousand users, your garage door remote may need to be replaced. It may also have to be replaced if it’s broken or you lost it. In this article, we will discuss when you should consider replacing the remote.

When to Replace the Remote?

When you don’t have a remote using the garage doesn’t seem all that practical or convenient. That said there are times when you will want to consider replacing the remote, like when:

  • The Remote is Lost or Stolen: Having a remote is like having a separate set of convenient keys into your home. If it has been misplaced, dropped, robbed, or anything else, which means that it isn’t in your possession anymore, then it is fair to say that your home’s security is compromised. That’s why getting it replaced is the best thing you can do right away.
  • A Broken Remote: In most cases, there is no way to repair a broken remote. So, if it is broken, you’ll want to buy and reprogram a replacement ASAP.
  • Installation of a New Garage Door Opener: If you’ve had a new garage door opener installed, then you’ll want to get a remote that’s compatible with it. That would mean that you pair the new opener with a reliable, and updated remote, though you can reprogram the old one too.

If a garage door remote goes missing, it can be quickly replaced by contacting the manufacturer of the unit. We always recommend purchasing a remote by the manufacturer if it is available before trying to find an aftermarket solution. If you can’t then the next logical step would be to find a quality universal garage door remote which works with the opener and perhaps a bunch of other devices.

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What to Do When the Remote Gets Lost?

Whether your remote has been misplaced or stolen, it does pose a threat to the security of your home. The first thing you should do is to disable the remote directly from the garage door opener to prevent anyone from entering. You will then have to reset the garage door opener so that it forgets all pairing associated with the remote. The so-called learn button can be found on the rear of the garage door opener, and you can press it for a couple of seconds for the device to reset and forget all the settings. You can then reprogram a new remote with fresh settings.


Your garage door opener’s remote offers the easiest way of gaining entry into the home. However, it should be kept securely, especially if you don’t want to compromise the security of your home. That said when it is lost, you can either follow the steps above or you can call experts like us to help you.

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