How to Quickly Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

How to Quickly Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

We have all had to deal with a noisy garage door. So, we can all relate to the problem often associated with the noise of often rumbling, rattling, and loud whirring. The noise is often experienced each time the door moves down or up. Many people may feel that something is breaking or perhaps even broken in the garage door, which is causing all this racket. The fact is that the problem can be fixed with the right approach in most cases.

Tighten the Blots and Screws

A couple of loose screws or perhaps a few bolts that are moving within the garage door can lead to excessive noise. You’ll want to check the bolts, nuts, and screws, then proceed with tightening the ones you think are lose with a wrench and perhaps a socket set. Mostly this should fix the problem.

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Examine the Rollers

Open up the garage door and check the rollers if they are broken or loose. The rollers can be moved back and forth a bit to see if they are moving properly. It is essential to disconnect the opener before doing this.

If you think that there is a roller problem, it is important to call a professional. Replacement of garage door rollers and unnecessary lubrication can be dangerous. When you hire a professional perhaps request them to install nylon rollers which are quieter than metal rollers.

Check the Opener

In many garage doors, the opener is the source of the most noise. An old or failing opener or one which has a failing motor will make a lot of noise. If you’ve traced the source of the sound to the opener then it is best to get it replaced.

Yearly Maintenance

Your garage door’s annual maintenance is essential as it can help to ensure that your garage door does not become noisy. A complete maintenance procedure performed by a team of experts like us which entail everything from lubrication to replacing parts like the lock hardware, lift cables, bearing sheaves, steel rollers, etc.

We also check, replace, and tighten loose or bent hinges. We will also examine the rollers for wear and tear, or ones that have worn bearings, broken wheels, and bent shafts. So, the result will be a perfectly functioning garage door. That’s why if you’re dealing with a noisy garage door you might want to call us to take a look.

Don’t Do it Yourself

Many homeowners in their bid to save money attempt to fix the source of the noise themselves. We know just how frustrating and disturbing a noisy garage door can be but fixing things like bent tracks, broken cables, sheaves, etc., is dangerous. That’s why you’ll always want to call a trained professional to handle these types of jobs.

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