Contemporary Garage Doors to Modernize Your Home

Contemporary Garage Doors to Modernize Your Home

installed a pool on your property. However, why then is the garage door so old?

While upgrading equipment and repainting your walls are common ways to update the home decor, you may be overlooking a significant opportunity. Garage Door Replacements were named the best home improvement choice for Return on Investment (ROI).

Upgrading your garage door, from ultra-modern to classic-contemporary, is one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to remodel your property.

Choose contemporary garage doors to refresh and modernize the look of your home’s exterior. Available in wide-painted, anodized, or natural wood powder coated treatments on glass, aluminum, fiberglass, or steel panels.

The window designs and hardware choices available for garage doors are dependent on the door type you choose.

Garage Doors Made of Aluminum

Sleek, stunning, and ideal for an ultra-modern style. These contemporary garage doors are composed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and innovative light-filtering glass, and they form a stunning focal point for the front of your house.

Garage Doors Made of Aluminum

Garage Doors Made of Aluminum

The clear coating on the contemporary aluminum garage doors is normal, but you may also have a dark bronze or black anodized treatment.

There are almost 200 different powder coat colors to pick from. This stylish garage door offers clear, opaque, and satin glass.

  • Type 511 is a basic frame with thin rails and stiles that can accommodate approximately 16′ 2″ wide by 16′ 1″ high doors.
  • Type 521 is a heavy-duty frame with large, heavy-duty rails and stiles that can accommodate doors up to approximately 26′ 2″ wide by 20′ 1″ high. The 521-garage door is a windy load and impact-rated door that can resist a range of wind conditions. Added wood grain powder finish and polyurethane insulation for stiles and rails up to 18′ 2″ wide are also available for the 521.

Fiberglass Garage Doors Make An Impression

The fiberglass garage doors have an intricately sculpted wood-grain fiberglass coating that looks like wood.

In today’s world, fiberglass is a jack-of-all-trades construction material. Fiberglass is the ideal of a wise investment since it is light, strong, and flexible. You get the rich beauty and feel of genuine wood with the durability of contemporary engineering with the Fiberglass Impression Collection.

The fiberglass doors collection is available in four distinct styles.

  • 981 has an oak wood grain pattern and a traditional vertical raised panel style.
  • The horizontal raised panel pattern on the 982 has an oak wood texture.
  • The vertical slat design on the 983 garage doors has a cherry wood grain design.
  • The 984-garage door has a mahogany wood grain design with a horizontal V-groove design.

Honduran, White, clay, gray, oak, red oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, mahogany, and green are among the ten common stain finishes available.

Clear, opaque, satin, gray, bronze and green glass choices are available for these trendy garage doors. You may also install garage door hardware, such as hinges and knobs in several styles.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Steel-polyurethane-steel thermal core insulated steel doors include three layers of steel-polyurethane-steel for sturdiness and thermal efficiency.

For optimal thermal efficiency, the door structure uses a covering of foamed-in-place, CFC-free polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

The in-between portion thermal seals offer outstanding resistance to the elements, with an air infiltration value of up to 0.08 cm. The steel backing on the inner side adds strength and a polished, clean look.

Standard, V5, V10, long, and flush are among the five configurations offered for these insulated garage doors. White, almond, desert tan, and sandstone are some of the standard garage door hues in this collection.

Various garage door panel colors and window types are available according to the type you pick.

Garage Doors In The Style Of A Carriage House

The carriage house-style garage doors strike the right combination of historic elegance and contemporary functionality.

Garage Doors In The Style Of A Carriage House

Garage Doors In The Style Of A Carriage House

Aside from their durability, these garage doors provide a Wide Range of Design Options and can be customized to match any house. These have the elegance of wood, the strength of steel, and a timeless design to complement your home’s architecture.

With an R-value of up to 12.76 and a range of colors, windows, and artistic hardware, those carriage house-style garage doors provide outstanding insulation.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of modern or contemporary architecture and happen to live in one, you’re undoubtedly proud of your home’s geometric, sleek facade.

When it’s time to repair or upgrade the garage door, ideally want it to fit in with the rest of your home’s decor.

You will get a genuine emphasis piece for your exterior if you pay close attention to the aspects of your modern house and blend materials, colors, and textures to your satisfaction.

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