How To Make Your Garage Door Last Longer?

How To Make Your Garage Door Last Longer?

As Garage Door Repair Professionals, clients often ask what they can do to keep the garage door running longer or extend its service life. We often tell them (clients) that a well-maintained garage door will last years longer than even its intended service life. However, it has to be professionally maintained.

Your garage door is an investment, and like all investments, it has to be protected. Here is how you can extend the life of your garage door considerably.

Regular Maintenance

Whether it is your garage door or a vehicle, the life of just about everything mechanical can be extended with Regular Maintenance. A professional garage door company has the experience to examine and maintain any garage door. What’s more, they can find potential future problems that can save you a bundle in the long term when addressed in time.

Keep All the Parts Working to Prevent Excessive Wear

Mechanical Parts Will Always Wear regardless of how tough they might be. However, when the garage door spring isn’t holding up, it can put undue stress on other parts by making them work harder to compensate for the weak spring. That leads to premature wear and consequently the need for a pricier repair. Neglecting maintenance over time will lead to degradation of parts which means that eventually, that garage door will need to be replaced. That’s why preventive maintenance is so important.

Regular Checks Keep the Door in Running Order

One of the areas vulnerable to garage door failure is the exterior if not being taken care of properly. Whether you have an overhead or a carriage house, it has to put up with harsh weather and the elements. That’s why you will want to always make sure that the door isn’t damaged.

Cracking, bloating, and other issues can cause the garage door to start malfunctioning. If not fixed in time, the garage door’s exterior will crumble or be taken over by rust. If that happens, you will need a new garage door, which is why taking care of the exterior is so important.

Prevent Dents

It is not uncommon for a garage door to crumple in a heap of tracks and be left halfway standing. What could have caused it? There are many things that can cause this type of garage door failure, including a broken spring or a cable. Regardless of the reason, a collapse like this will put pressure on the exterior, which leads to scrapes and dents. Even though you can remedy some of these issues, others will require replacing the garage door.

It is possible to prevent a collapse with periodic maintenance. Taking care of the garage door will prolong its life and keep your family safe from danger.


The best way to Maintain Your Garage Door is to get it inspected and maintained professionally by experts like us. We maintain garage doors and fix minor issues before they become a source of frustration and have a major adverse financial impact.

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