When Should You Repair a Garage Door as Compared to Replacing It?

When Should You Repair a Garage Door as Compared to Replacing It?

You might be looking at your garage door every time you go out and saying something to the effect of “I should replace this door.” Many times this thought is triggered by the door’s cosmetic defect, which can range from wear to it not fitting in with the rest of the home. Other times it could be because the door isn’t working all that well despite having spent money on repairs in the past.

So, the million-dollar question for many homeowners is exactly when should a garage door be replaced? Or more to the effect of when should it be replaced? We attempt to answer that question in this article.

Two Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Garage Door

Well for starters there could be two main reasons why anyone would want to replace their existing garage door. The first reason being for aesthetic purposes. The existing garage door may appear to be scratched, damaged, rusted or it could have been damaged in an accident or by a storm. While a lot of the damage can be repaired, it may not always end up looking as good as new. So, the appearance may be less than desirable for the homeowner. If that’s the case the only remedy is to replace the garage door.

The other reason is if the panel is damaged or there is a reason why it is unsafe, in that case, replacement may be the best option. Even though a damaged panel can easily be fixed, the likelihood that that heavy panel will fall again is high which is why it would be a good idea to simply replace it with a new garage door.

Another reason why homeowners may want to replace their garage door is age. Sometimes if the garage door is still under the owner’s purchase warranty it could be replaced. But once it is out of warranty replacing the garage door is a lot like getting insurance coverage to prevent failure.

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When the Garage Door is Leaking

Some garage doors can start to leak around the base or the sides, the issue while it can be fixed by the homeowner or a professional, some people opt to replace the garage door. Our advice is not to replace the garage door if it is leaking because it is a quick and cheap repair.

Another reason why some people get their garage door replaced is when they hear weird noises. That’s an issue which has nothing to do with the age or weight of the garage door but rather the mechanism. If you’re hearing strange noises that’s no reason to replace it because most professional can fix the issue in under 30 minutes.


Buying a garage door isn’t exactly cheap. But in some cases it is inevitable. If your garage door meets any of the conditions above, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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