10 Uses For Your Second Garage

10 Uses For Your Second Garage

Garages are a great accessory to your house. Other than using them as a parking space for your vehicle(s), there are many other uses you can Prepare Your Garage for.

If you are lucky enough to have a second garage, that’s even more convenient. The first garage can act as a permanent parking space. The second one can be used as a storage space, or even better, a space for entertaining special interests.

If you are looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled ten unique ways you can use your second garage. (Yes, folks, you don’t have to store your lawnmower there!)

Uses For a Second Garage

Uses For a Second Garage

Entertainment Rooms

1. Entertaining Kitchen

If cooking is your passion, a second garage is the best place to exploit this interest. You can transform it into a demonstration kitchen. You can host cooking parties and demonstrations, hire a chef to instruct your cooking, or even start a club!

When not in use for demonstrations, the garage can be an extra space for caterers whenever you host parties at your home. Take our word when we tell you it saves you a lot of fuss in your house.

2. Wine Storage

If you are a wine collector (it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing it for ages or just started), a wine cellar is what you would want. Having a proper wine cellar allows you to keep the environment for wine storage adequate. Hence, the wine can stay and taste the way it should after being stored.

Wine Storage

Wine Storage

You can keep it as simple as a damp, dark place for storage. However, it can also be as complicated as having fancy wood panels installed with leather sofas and expensive glassware.

3. Poker Room

Those who play poker at their house every weekend with their friends know the importance of a game room. You can escape the angry stares from your wife too! Whether it be poker, puzzles, or any other game you like to play with the homies, a second garage is a perfect place for such activities.

The game room can have multiple games too. You can keep various separate chair combinations with a different game at every table.

4. Home Theatre

Basement home theatres have become highly trendy recently. However, if your home’s basement has already been put to some other use, or if you do not have a basement, you can set up a theatre in your second garage.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre

A garage-based home theatre is more spacious too. Therefore, you can store more chairs and host a larger movie night party.

5. Garage Pub

Your second garage is the perfect place for a pub for those of you who habitually brew their beer. With a brewpub, you can spend time with your friends without leaving the house.

Whatever theme you have in mind, all you need to put in is the money!

John Garbarino started a revolution in his GarBar Video

Credit To: myQ

6. Guest Room/Space

If you have the kind of relatives who like paying frequent visits (and decide to stay the night because they “love being with you), a guest house is an excellent option. It can also be used as a room for your children when they return home from college to stay for a few days.

Guest Room

Guest Room

Plus, the extra space can be rented out and used as a source of income.

Special Interest Room

7. Game Room

Passionate gamers take their video games quite seriously. Therefore, a second garage provides the privacy and peace one would want. Decorate the room whatever you want and ease yourself into your chair.

Entertainment Room

You do not have to worry about your family members being annoyed by the constant explosions, yells, or noises.

8. Recording Studio

Technological advancements have made music recording equipment quite affordable. You can use the extra garage to practice, perform, and record songs!

If you soundproof the garage, you can also have your band over to practice. You won’t even have to worry about your neighbor complaining!

Garage Recording Studio

Garage Recording Studio

9. Arts and Crafts Studio

Creative minds can utilize the Second Garage to explore their artistic approaches. You won’t have to worry about stained carpets, dirty walls, or complaints from your spouse!

You can give birth to whatever comes to your mind at the pace you find comfortable.

10. Reading Room

Last but not least, this one is for all the book lovers out there. If you want a quiet space with a comfortable chair and a fridge filled with your favorite delicacies by your side, a second garage is just what you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you’ve decided what you want to use your extra garage for, the link is to Elite Garage Door and Gate Repair.

You can call them up for any garage-related work. They have the best services and professionals available, and you will not be disappointed by their work. Even if you haven’t decided yet, you can hook them up whenever you do!

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