How To Match Your Detached Garage to Your House

How To Match Your Detached Garage to Your House

A detached garage may be rather lovely. It gives additional storage and workspace, and because it is separate from the home, it provides a good noise buffer for any power-tool activity. However, having a detached garage that does not fit the style of your home might detract from this lovely sight. That’s just a huge, obnoxious eyesore.

This article will go through the measures you can take to make sure your detached garage and your home are a perfect match.

Take Into Account The Layout Of Your Structure

If the detached garage has already been built, this will be a problematic, if not impossible, element to work with unless you plan on doing a major makeover of the layout of your structure. Nevertheless, if you are planning to finish the original construction of your detached garage, this will be a critical factor to consider.

It is critical to complement the general architectural elements of your home when creating your detached garage. If you have a traditional farmhouse-style home, your garage should be built to complement and reflect similar elements. The same may be said about Cape Cod-style homes, Victorian homes, or any other type of home design.

Make sure that the ridgelines, as well as the lines and angles of your detached garage, are identical and match those on your home. And it will go a long way toward guaranteeing that you have the perfect fit.

Take Into Account The Layout Of Your Structure

Take Into Account The Layout Of Your Structure

Your Siding Should Match

One of the most noticeable elements of your home’s curb appeal is its siding. It doesn’t matter if you have brick, vinyl, or wood — it’s all on display.

That’s why it is critical to match the siding on your detached garage to the siding on your house.

Let’s have a look at this in more detail.

  • If you have brick siding, you will want to make sure the bricks are the same type. That implies you will have to focus on two main aspects: color and pattern. The color of your brick siding must match the color of your home, or something will appear to be dramatically wrong.
  • Moreover, the arrangement pattern for the brick walls must match your home; a good mason will be invaluable in ensuring that this is done correctly – pick wisely.
  • Make sure the stone siding is the same sort of stone and is put out in the same manner.
Your Siding Should Match

Your Siding Should Match

Match Your Roof to the Roof of the Detached Garage

If your siding is the most noticeable aspect of your home’s exterior, your roof isn’t far behind. It would be best if you matched the roofing on your detached garage to the roofing on your home.

Material and color are the two most important variables to consider.

  • If your house has shingles, your detached garage should also have shingles. The same may be said for sheet metal. This is especially true if you have an older type slate roof; finding a match for this style may be more difficult, but it will be necessary for everything to appear properly.
  • The general color of your roof is the second element to consider. This is especially true with metal roofs; you don’t want your house to have a vivid dark green roof while your garage has a sky blue roof. Shingles, on the other hand, are in the same boat. Shingles are not all the same color, so you will need to match the pigments on your house and detached garage.
Match Your Roof to the Roof of the Detached Garage

Match Your Roof to the Roof of the Detached Garage

Make Your Landscaping Match

Make every attempt to match the landscape around your detached garage to the Landscaping Around Your House. This mainly implies that you’ll be employing the same plant species, but it also means that the general color of flowers and bushes will be consistent throughout both structures.

It’s also crucial to think about the general plan and design of the landscaping. If your house is bordered by towering bushes, tiny trees, and sparse vegetation, your garage should reflect that. Similarly, if your property is mainly covered with vegetation and flowers, the garage should reflect this.

Consider Your Home’s And Garage’s General Color Schemes

Consider the general color scheme of your house and garage as a finishing touch. Do you have a front door that is dark chestnut in color? Make an effort to choose a garage door that matches.

Do you have a property with beautiful maroon shutters? Consider putting some on your detached garage to match.

Bottom Line

Designing a detached garage begins with determining your needs, whether you are rebuilding an existing structure or creating a new one.

If you wish to have a detached garage installed, consider contacting Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair of Tacoma, and they will match the aesthetics and colors of your home with the detached garage as you like.

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