10 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays

10 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays

At the time of the Christmas holidays or any other type, the first and foremost task is to spruce up your home from both inside and out. It is important to give extra colors to your home exterior because it is the first place people see while coming to your house or just passing by.

Sadly! On the holidays, one of the most neglected portions is the garage door exterior. The bare and undecorated garage door gives a bad impression to the visitors or guests. If you want to upgrade the appearance of your home drastically, you defiantly want to decorate your garage door with the Best Exterior Garage Door Lights or wreaths, garlands, etc.

They effectively bring ambiance to the front with little to no complications and make your holidays truly feel special.

If you are busy with your work and do not have much time to decorate the whole outside home, then follow these ten fun ways or simple DIY touches to decorate your garage door exterior, which ultimately improves your curb appeal for the upcoming holiday season.

1. Holiday DIY: Fun Painting a Garage Door

At the time of holidays, most homeowners easily misinterpret the importance of a sound and wholesome-looking garage door, which can lead to a bad impression in the neighborhood. One such matter to paint a garage door is protecting it from the rust and giving a holiday fun vibe to the exterior.

If you are one of those Do-It-Your-Own homeowners, then follow these simple steps to paint your garage door.

  • Start by washing over the door surface thoroughly
  • Prep the surface and remove any formed rust
  • Apply the holiday paint over the body of the door & through the panels
  • Incorporate the second coat over the surface, if necessary
  • Inspect the sections after you paint a garage door

2. Place a Wreath On the Garage Door

The simplest and fun way is to place a light-up wreath or wreath in the middle of your home garage door. Keeping in view the door size, consider a giant wreath to get a complete holiday vibe.

3. Turn the Garage Door Into a Massive Gift Box

To turn your garage door into an enormous and elegant holiday gift box is a creative and pretty much fun activity. All you need in this complete process is:

  • 9×10 any colored tarp
  • thick ribbon
  • bow ribbon tape
  • painter’s tape
  • ladder

Here you can apply your creativity, and this fun activity will help you out by giving the exterior a premium look.

4. Combination Of Exterior Garage Lights And Garlands

Exterior Garage Lights and Garlands are necessary for increasing the curb appeal of living space during the holiday season. Outdoor lightings, garlands, or a combination of both are made explicitly for brightening one’s exterior space.

The combination of both brings ambiance to the front and enlightens the nearby walkways to create a festive look.

5. Hang in Murals to Your Garage Door

Ready to hang and holiday-themed murals are beautiful and easily available in the market or online store. Simply, hang the murals on your home garage door with the help of painter’s tape. Choose the best message for your holidays, such as “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Eid,” or “Happy Holi.”

6. Use of Garage Lamps Decorations

The idea of adding holiday decor to your garage lamps will give your overall home exterior a luminous holiday cheer-up. You can create the decors using your own creativity or simply buy these garage lamps decors from any nearby store.

7. Holiday Magnet Message for Garage Door

If you want fewer decorations on your garage door, then the Holiday Magnet Message or Murals are suitable based on the respective holiday themes. The best part is that they are easily attached and removed without damaging the garage door paint. You can choose the message and pictures of your own choice!

8. Play Holiday Music or Tunes

Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity is everywhere in this era of digitalization. So, you can play holiday tunes or music, such as “Jingle Bells,” “Carol Of The Bells,” or your own choice, anywhere and anytime, as holiday decor. But keep in mind that this will not disturb your neighbors.

9. Get Use Of a Projection

If you are not fond of cosmetic or physical decorations to your garage door, then make use of a projector to project the holiday images or scenes such as snowflakes or an event countdown on your garage door.

10. Christmas Holidays Fun Decorations

You can use your garage and garage door for Christmas holiday decorations. Isn’t it interesting?

Snowman: If you want to add cuteness to your garage door, then snowman will be the right choice. You can create your snowman kit as a fun part and also buy die-cut plastic decors of the snowman from a nearby or online store.

Christmas Tree: You can place and decorate the Christmas Tree by using the Christmas lights on it. Further, the use of laser lights with shiny splashes and dancing patterns glows your garage and further lightens up your neighborhood.



Bottom Line

Once you follow and test these fun ways to decorate your garage door for the holidays, you will see a glamorous change in the overall home exterior. Not only this, it seems delighted and pleasant to your holiday guests and neighbors.

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