The Best Garage Door Lighting for Any Home

The Best Garage Door Lighting for Any Home

Many homeowners overlook the importance of lighting in their homes. A garage door that looks beautiful can end up doing a lot to improving the curb appeal of your home. After all, a garage door is an extension of the home’s exterior, and it reflects upon how well you take care of the home or feel about it. That being said, the right type of lighting could play a vital role in adding to that curb appeal, especially after dark.

The most commonly available and popular type of garage door lighting is down lighting. These are mainly garage door lights that have reflectors and shine down on the door from above. While the light does serve multiple purposes, it isn’t the only type. Plus, we also cover a couple of reason as to why lighting is so important.

Accent the Garage Door

The way in which the lights interact or reflect from various surfaces across the garage door is what shows off its unique features. The right lighting will help to highlight the craftsmanship and style of the garage door if anything it will make you proud of it. Plus the way in which the light reflects off the door and nearby surfaces often changes subtly as the time of day progresses from evening to night.

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Improves Security for Your Home and Garage

Many security experts have been on record saying that garage doors are a security vulnerability. Potential intruders often use the garage to enter into the home. They may start by scanning your garage door for a weakness to exploit or may hang around to see if you leave the garage open. The good news is that criminals, in general, hate well-lit areas since it exposes them. So, these lights can be an excellent deterrent. Burglars will often avoid garages that have lights shining down on them.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Many of us need to leave our homes at night or leave before the sun rises, both of which can be a problem because it is dark. You may miss an obstacle and run into it which does damage to your vehicle and even that item in your driveway. A car’s headlights aren’t always going to save you so you might miss something that isn’t lit properly. That’s another reason to get quality garage door lighting as it will help you avoid potential accidents.


The best thing about garage door lighting is it is unobtrusive, and it can be kept on even during the day. Plus the latest LED downlights are inexpensive to operate so they can be left on. All of these reasons and more make garage door lighting a no brainer for homeowners. Whether you want the garage door to stand out or keep intruders away, you can’t go wrong with quality lighting.

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