Should I Drywall My Detached Garage?

Should I Drywall My Detached Garage?

Garages have always been an essential component of a house. Whether you plan on building a one-story house or a two-story one, a garage is something you cannot avoid constructing if you want to store vehicles somewhere safe close to the house.

The concept of detached garages is popular these days. People prefer the privacy and comfort space it provides. A detached garage also allows you to practice hobbies or work in silence.

Whether to drywall your house or not is something every person asks themselves when they have a house built. It varies from individual to individual and what tasks or activities they want to carry out in their detached garage.

However, we are here to help you with this confusion! Once you are done with this article, you will have a fair idea of whether you want to finish your garage with drywall or basic plywood.

What Exactly Is Drywall?

In the easiest of words, drywall is a material used to finish walls and ceilings.

In more technical words, drywall is sheets made out of gypsum. Gypsum is a water-soluble sulfate mineral with unique properties that make it an excellent fit for construction works. While being processed, the gypsum is heated until the water found within it completely evaporates. Then, additives are added, followed by rehydration.

After this entire process, it is placed on paper sheets and transferred to the drying chamber.

Before introducing drywall, multiple layers were added onto wooden strips known as a lathe to make walls and ceilings. It was a highly complicated and expensive method that created a lot of mess. Drywall is nothing less than a blessing to construction workers.

Should I Drywall My Detached Garage?

The Benefits Of Drywall

If you think cost reduction is all drywall comes with, you are in for a treat! We have come up with the following list of advantages you can attain by using drywall for your detached garage.

  • Fire Safety

Drywall is your go-to for those who work in highly flammable environments or Handle Items And Equipment that can easily catch fire. Since it is made up of gypsum and has moisture crystallized within it, it is highly fire-resistant.

Hobbies and work aside, even if you have a habit of storing flammable products (such as petroleum) in your garage, using drywall as your finish will keep it safe.

  • Decreased Noise

As we mentioned earlier, drywall reduces noise to the outside world. It does not act as thorough soundproofing. However, it allows you to work in silence without your neighbor coming to you every hour to stop making all that noise.

Drywall is especially helpful if you live in a crowded colony or area, or even worse, one of those picky HOAs. Plus, if you or your children have an obsession with loud instruments such as a drum or trumpet, drywall will keep everyone at peace.

  • Increased Lighting and Visibility

Drywall lightens up your garage with maximized lighting. The white and reflective surfaces tend to bounce off the light so that visibility in your garage is high, even with poor lighting.

It helps you regardless of the work you do in there. Lighting and visibility are essential even for the smallest tools. Plus, if you are handling power tools, you want to make sure it’s not your hands or feet you cut or crush!

  • Better Opportunities To Sell Your House

If you plan on changing your house after a year or two, drywall is the perfect candidate for your garage. People love its durability and the fresh look it gives. You have many more chances of attracting buyers if you use drywall for your garage, as garages are the first things buyers see in a house.

Drywall With Plywood – Advantages

If you still are not convinced and wondering what advantages plywood brings compared to drywall, we have compiled those too:

  • Increased Wall Strength

While drywall is merely a finishing touch, plywood gives a finish and extra support to your garage walls. It is beneficial if you plan on mounting heavy items on your walls.

Plus, with drywall, you must locate the stud and then drill into it to mount things. On the other hand, you can drill and fix items at any place after drilling with plywood.

  • Simpler Installation Process

Installing drywall is a hectic process. Due to its high weight, at least two people are needed to install it. However, plywood is lighter and can be easily moved and installed by a single person.

Bottom Line

Now that we have covered all the details regarding both plywood and drywall, the choice is yours to make. We will end this article with details on a link to Elite Garage Door, Repair & Installation Services In Tacoma & Olympia.

Our trained professionals are readily available to inspect and check your garage for any problems. Our # 1 priority is customer satisfaction and quality work so that you can put your trust in us.

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