4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door

4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a convenience, but if something goes wrong, they can become a significant inconvenience. While we all take garage doors for granted, the fact is that like all machines if not maintained; they will eventually fail. Usually, a garage door will breakdown when you least expect it, so not only is it an inconvenience but highly frustrating.


In this article, we’ll look at four things you can do to extend the service life of your garage door.


Tighten Up All the Moving Parts


On average, a regular American household opens and closes its garage door around 1500 times each year. That’s a lot of wear and tear despite garage doors being some of the most durable machines around. However, with all that opening and closing, comes a great deal of vibrations which can loosen various parts causing rattling each time the door opens and closes. The good news is that making sure those parts continue to perform optimally requires a wrench and a few minutes of your time. Tighten up all the bots, fasteners, and brackets to keep the garage door functioning optimally.


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Take a Look at The Rollers


The rollers happen to undergo a great deal of wear. The rollers are responsible for guiding the garage door through the tracks, and they usually have a lifespan of around seven years. However, you’ll want to inspect the rollers twice a year, at least along with the garage door opener. If you see extensive wear like chipping and cracking, then get them replaced right away.   


Test the Safety Features  


You will want to test features like auto-reverse, safety sensors, and the manual override feature. The features are meant to keep your family safe, so it is imperative that they continue working flawlessly. However, if your garage door does not have any safety features, then it is time for garage door replacement.  


Always Get Professional Maintenance


We can’t stress this enough because improper maintenance like garage door springs is one of the leading reasons why people end up with a garage door that isn’t reliable. Many garage door repair services charge a lot of money but give you very little in return. That’s why price alone shouldn’t be something you consider. Make sure to hire a service that has a good reputation, then ask what steps are part of their inspection and maintenance service before choosing them.




Many people complain that their garage door fails when they least expect it. Others complain that despite spending a lot of money, their garage doors are unreliable. However, by following the tips above, it is possible to make sure that your garage door continues to function smoothly for years to come. Most of these tips don’t cost you anything and so they are worth taking into consideration.

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