In most homes space is at a premium and if that is the case with your home, then you’re probably wondering if part of the garage can be used to install a dryer or washer. Also, if you’re asking this question, then we’ll go out on a limb and assume that the garage isn’t being used much other than storing a vehicle during winter. Not to mention the garage since it isn’t used as much it is probably relatively clean. So, if it is a laundry room you want in your garage, just follow our recommendation below.

Start with Insulation

The first step is insulation. Depending on if you live in a cold or hot part of the US, the garage needs to be insulated and heated. You should also consider not drying large items like bedding in your garage as this can and will raise the humidity level making it uncomfortable. So, the only way you can then fix the issue is to install a large dehumidifier.

Take a Look at the Construction Plans

Now before you decide to house your washer and a large dryer in the garage start by figuring out which part of the garage you want to put it. That part will need to have access to plumbing like cold and hot water, drainage, etc. The other thing worth figuring out where the moist air will be vented because without it the garage will become stuffy with the upped humidity level.

You will also need a powerpoint for electricity. You can run an extension from a nearby outlet, or you’ll have to lay down something more concrete which may require an electrician. Ideally, you’ll want to hire an electrician and plumber to do everything for you. If there is a DIY you want to focus on then perhaps finishing and carpentry may be more your thing.

If it gets really cold where you live, and the garage isn’t heated like the rest of the home then consider installing a false floor. The raised flooring will help make the environment easier to work in.

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Other Worthy Considerations

There are a couple of other things you might want to consider depending on the space you’re converting. Here is a short to-do list which should get you started:

  • Ceiling and wall painting
  • Supplemental lighting
  • Painting the floor
  • Replace, install or refurbish existing shelves
  • Clean up the garage by getting rid of all the old things which haven’t been used for years. Perhaps donate them to a nearby charity where it may be put to good use


Building a laundry room in your garage is easier than most people think. However, once built, it will make washing clothes a lot easier, not to mention allow you some space to store all the dirty clothes before they are washed.

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