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5 Reasons You Should Replace the Old Garage Door Opener

Do you have a garage door opener dating back several decades? We know that’s an extreme case, but just in case it is then it is time to replace it. Not only because it is old, but there are several other reasons to consider replacing it as we’ll examine in this article. Helps to Improve [...]

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Choosing The Right Color For Your Garage Door

When looking at the overall curb appeal of the house there are multiple elements such as materials used in the exterior finish of the house and landscaping that come into the picture. But, the use of color also plays a vital role. Details like the trim color, the exterior being brick, vinyl, etc have an [...]

By | 2020-04-05T22:41:24+00:00 April 24th, 2018|Garage Door, Garage Door Parts|0 Comments

Preventing Fire In The Garage

Fire accidents are one of the deadliest and dangerous hazards that every homeowner faces. On an average, there are close to six thousand fires caused by mishandling in the garage. There are numerous deaths and injuries caused due to fire in the garage and millions of dollars in loss. Below are a few recommendations to [...]

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How Safe is Your Garage Door? Is it Safe from a Thief?

 Is your Garage door set in factory Settings? Many thieves patrol around neighborhoods with equipment and randomly try to test which door can easily be opened. Leaving your garage on factory setting means it is more vulnerable to potential attacks because thieves usually know most of the factory settings for most brands. So, resetting it [...]

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Improve The Sidewalk Appeal of Your Home by Taking Care of Your Driveway

If you’re planning on selling your home, or want to create a more inviting appeal for family and other guests, you can do quite a bit with some simple maintenance and upgrade of your driveway. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your driveway shine either, so here a few tips [...]

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Understanding Your Automatic Garage Door Parts and Terminology

When dealing with garage door repair specialists, it is to your benefit to understand some of the basic functions and terminology of your garage door system. Not only will this help you, the homeowner, better identify potential problem areas but will allow you to quickly voice your concerns so that a licensed professional will have [...]

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Have You Properly Winterized Your Garage Door?

Those cold months of winter are no friend to your home, vehicles, or anything left exposed to the frigid air. While you may be warm and toasty in your living room, your garage may become an inadvertent icebox if you haven’t taken proper steps to winterize your door. Utilizing proper insulation will keep your garage [...]

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Know the Parts That Make Up Your Garage and How to Maintain Them

If your garage door isn’t working the way it should, there could be any number of factors contributing this.  It’s a good practice to know the basics of your automatic garage door parts and how they work together so that when you need to call the professionals for repairs, you can easily point them in [...]

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How Extreme Cold Weather Can Damage Your Garage, and What You Can Do About It

All around the Northeast, homeowners prepare for the annual struggle of the Winter months. From snow, sleet, blizzards and freezing temperatures, the environment can have a drastic effect on your property.  Unlike the rest of your house which is mostly insulated and sealed, your garage is vulnerable to these extremes, which is why it’s so [...]

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